What is a MiniJump -

The concept of Mini-jumps is simple yet hides two years of development to optimise the product. Our pony girls and boys were only too pleased to do the testing! They include a number of subtle yet important features which are not obvious at first glance...

The base is heavy enough to ensure the jump does not tip over on a slope or uneven surface but light enough that children can carry them outside from storage without difficulty.

The shape was developed so an upright can fall easily if it comes into collision with a child, yet remain stable at all other times. The bars are held on just like a real jump and are very light yet durable. They dislodge at the slightest knock if the equestrian enthusiast jumping them doesn't’t quite make it, yet are held into a rebate that prevents them blowing off in a wind (unlike some ponies!).

Uprights are machined from a special, very high grade moisture resistant and self-coloured MDF that was developed in Europe and is used for outdoor childrens play equipment. It ensures you won’t get splinters even if you manage to run over your uprights with the 4x4! The material contains no harmful chemicals. They are finished with a tough protective coat. This is so that when the item is wet, a child has a better grip on the product and is less likely to drop them on a toe!

The crossbars are hollow plastic and very lightweight so they don’t inflict injury if knocked yet can withstand very high impact levels.

The youngest tester we have had was 3 years old and the oldest was 14! No testing was done under duress, once shown how they set up the entertainment was self perpetuating and lasted a very long time. Indeed we had to give a set to all the testers as they wouldn't let us leave with the prototype jumps we brought! The original prototypes are still in use 2 years later.

Get the kids to put down the games console, switch off the TV and get outside (or indoors if you have the space). With Mini-Jumps, exercise is so much fun!

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Mini-Jumps pony jump size diagramHow big are Mini-Jumps pony jumps?

We when say Mini-Jumps we don't mean tiny pony jumps! Mini means small enough for your children to use for exercise and fun but big enough to challenge them time and time again to try and experiment with various jumps and demanding minijump courses. Each Mini-jump pony jump measures 100cm wide and 60cm tall (3ft - 3in wide and 2ft tall in old money!). Because of the design of Mini-Jumps they will flat pack and can easily be stored when not in use.

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Mini-Jumps pony jump size diagramHow big are Mini-Jumps MAX jumps?

Mini Jumps Max jumps measure 120cm wide and 91cm tall (3ft - 11in wide and 3ft tall in old money!) and just like the Mini Jumps will flat pack for easy storage.

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Information for Mum and Dads...

The correct way to jump your Mini-Jump What happens if the Mini-Jump is struck?
The correct way to jump...
Show your child the right way to jump their Mini-jumps as above (don’t worry, you don’t actually have to jump them yourself!). By jumping the correct way the very light yet durable crossbars will dislodge if struck- just like a real jump.
Striking the jump...
If the upright is struck sideways, the narrow width ensures it falls away easily, minimising the chance of injury.
What happens if the Mini-Jump base is struck? Mini-Jump uprights come apart when struck
What happens to the base when struck?
The base evolved into a horseshoe shape entirely by coincidence- it means that if the Mini-jump is jumped the wrong way and a crossbar is caught, the uprights fall straight ahead and not towards the jumper.
Do the uprights come apart?
Under extreme pressure the base and upright may become separated- this is a safety feature. They are precision machined for a friction fit to avoid glue and allow separation under duress. Simply push the two back together.
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Mini-jumps pony jumping fum for little ponies
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